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Home News An impossible trilemma? Free trade, democracy and the EU

An impossible trilemma? Free trade, democracy and the EU

22 February 2016
An impossible trilemma? Free trade, democracy and the EU

This week Policy Network, together with the Foundation for the Foundation of European Progressive Studies (Feps), the Global Progressive Forum, the Fondation Jean-Jaurès, Solidar and the Renner Institut, is publishing three contributions informing the debate on TTIP.

Lucia Quaglia, from the University of York, looks at the place of financial services in TTIP negotiations. Her paper highlights the surprising fact that the US is less keen than Europeans on regulatory cooperation in the field of financial services for fear of lower standards.

Ferdi de Ville, from the University of Ghent, studies the developments in the European commission’s proposal on regulatory cooperation. His analysis warns against the risk that cooperation advances de-regulation rather than upwards harmonisation and consumer protection.

Finally, Heidrun Maier-de Kruijff, David Kainrath and Thomas Tannhaimer, from the Austrian Association for Public and Social Economy (VÖWG), turn to the potential TTIP threats to public services. They put forward suggestions for stronger safeguards than the currently envisaged ones.

  These contributions, and the European commission’s recent responses to public concern about TTIP, show that there are necessary, yet not unsurmountable tensions between democratic politics and free trade. And this is true whether you stand in or outside the EU.

These publications are a contribution to a wider Feps project on TTIP.

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