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Policy Network launches Centre for Progressive Capitalism

15 February 2016
Policy Network launches Centre for Progressive Capitalism


The ebbing support for centrist politicians highlights how large sections of society feel they are no longer benefiting from our current economic system. This shift is impacting political systems across the world, with populist figures on both the left and the right making gains in the United States and Europe. Without a more comprehensive reform agenda to create a far more democratic and inclusive economy, this trend can only be expected to strengthen and prosper.

Against this backdrop, Policy Network is pleased to announce the launch of a new cross-party thinktank: the Centre for Progressive Capitalism. The centre will provide intelligence, develop policies and influence policymakers to instigate a more democratic capitalism, promote inclusive growth and improve levels of public trust in private sector business and the workings of a market economy. The centre will also function as a platform for businesses to discuss these issues.

The political advisory board includes politicians from the Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour parties. The centre will be led by Thomas Aubrey and Alastair Reed.

The centre will be formally launched at an event on 31 March with advisory board members Andrew Cooper and Vince Cable speaking on the issues of trust in business and how firms and governments should be responding.

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