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Home News Labour's curious defeat: a postmortem

Labour's curious defeat: a postmortem

11 June 2015
Labour's curious defeat: a postmortem

The French progressive thinktank Fondation Jean Jaurès has just published a new essay by Policy Network’s Renaud Thillaye about the reasons of Labour’s electoral defeat on 7 May. The essay synthetically presents the outcomes of the British general election to a French audience and analyses the reasons behind Labour’s unexpectedly poor performance.

Thillaye offers two possible lines of analysis, considering both the impact of certain regions appearing to desert Labour and the ideological crisis facing the party. He insists on the collective aspect of the defeat beyond Ed Miliband’s leadership and also stresses the limitations of the ground campaign. The essay finally outlines Labour’s future challenges, namely reconciling very fragmented constituencies while recovering economic credibility and reclaiming optimism.

You can read the essay in French here.

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