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Corporate Governance and Progressive Capitalism

18 November 2014
Corporate Governance and Progressive Capitalism

Policy Network have kicked-off a programme of thought leadership seminars on corporate governance and progressive capitalism. The programme will bring together senior contributors from different spheres ‒ law, economics, finance, business management, public policy, and politics ‒ to debate the future of capitalism and how it can better serve society.

The focus will be on:

1. Promoting active and committed share ownership: an agenda for reform of our savings institutions and incentives for investment managers. 

2. Mergers and takeovers: lessons of continental experience; the legal duties of boards of companies subject to takeover bids and merger proposals; voting rights in contested bids; the role, if any, of ‘public interest tests’; lessons of Pfizer- AstraZeneca.

3. The responsibilities of boards: the duties of directors: the extension of accountability to stakeholders as well as shareholders; possible changes in the structure of boards; employee representation.

4. Executive remuneration: accountability of boards to shareholders to ensure that high rewards reflect good performance; the question of the wider public interest in restraining high board pay; the public policy debate over the regulation of bonuses and pay ratios.   

5. Regulation: the role of regulation in making companies both more sustainable in the long term and ’better citizens’; the relative utility of law, different types of regulation and codes of practice in influencing corporate behaviour; the balance between EU and national regulation the distinction between ‘bad’ regulation and ‘good’ regulation.

The work is kindly sponsored by the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA).

Please contact Emma Kinloch at ekinloch@policy-network.net for more information on the programme.




Regulation in crisis
11 February 2015

Ludo Bammens, director of EMEA corporate affairs, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co
Stephen Hockman QC, senior lawyer specialising in regulatory law, Six Pump Court, Temple
Frank Vibert, senior visiting fellow, LSE Government Department and founder and director, European Policy Forum
Megan Butler, executive director, international banks supervision, Bank of England

Executive Remuneration
21 January 2015

Luke Hildyard, deputy director, High Pay Centre
Catherine Howarth, chief executive, ShareAction (Fairshare Educational Foundation)
Simon Walker, director general, Institute of Directors (tbc)
David Pitt-Watson, executive fellow of finance, London Business School

Responsibilities of boards

7 January 2015

Simon Clark, managing partner, Fidelity Growth Partners, Europe
Leslie Dighton, founder and director, The Chairman’s Club
Dina Medland, independent writer, editor and commentator on corporate leadership and governance
Frances O’Grady, general secretary, TUC

Takeovers and the public interest
25 November 2014

Marte Borhaug, head of financial services and corporate governance, CBI
Tim Ingram, chair, Greencoat Capital, chair, Wealth Management Association and member, Takeover Panel
David Sainsbury, Labour peer and author of Progressive Capitalism: How to Achieve Economic Growth, Liberty and Social Justice

Promoting active and committed share ownership
11 November 2014

Michele Giddens, co-founder, Bridges Ventures
Will Pomroy, policy lead, corporate governance, NAPF
Glenn Bedwin, chief operating officer, Absolute Strategy Research and board member at Euro IRP
John Plender, senior editorial writer and columnist, Financial Times

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