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Adonis Growth Review

10 July 2013
Adonis Growth Review

It is now over eight months since Michael Heseltine published his report No Stone Unturned: In Pursuit of Growth. Yet his radical proposals remain largely unimplemented. Growth is still weak and elusive; unemployment, particularly youth unemployment, is high; and real wages are falling, putting an unprecedented squeeze on living standards.

This review, supported by Policy Network and IPPR, will make policy recommendations for a modern growth and industrial strategy to promote more and better jobs. Over the next few months as part of a regional call for evidence, Lord Adonis will be touring the country to hear the views of local businesses, colleges and universities taking into account the diverse challenges to innovation and growth faced by the different regions.

The report will focus on a number of key areas to enable British businesses to become more successful including:

  • Enabling Britain to become a world leader in innovation in terms of its ability to develop and exploit new ideas to drive productivity growth.
  • Gearing our education and training systems to make sure they meet the needs of employers and employees and help deliver a revolution to support the jobs of the future.
  • Focusing our infrastructure so it can support the freedom of movement of goods, people and information to maximise its impact on growth and jobs.
  • Ensuring corporate governance standards in corporations and equity markets support longer term growth for the benefit of all stakeholders.
  • Providing  SME’s with improved access to finance as well as support to grow more quickly and export.
  • Delivering polices in partnership with businesses and representative bodies at an appropriate national, regional or local level to drive this radical agenda for growth forward.
The report will also draw on compelling recent reviews including:  the Heseltine Report, the Kay Review of Equity Markets and Long-term Decision-making; the LSE Growth Commission Report; the Cox report on short-termism, and the forthcoming reports of the Armitt Review of Infrastructure and the Husbands Review of Vocational Education and Skills.

For further information on the Adonis Growth Review please write to AdonisGrowthReview@Policy-Network.net

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