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The US and Europe: Where next for progressive politics?

15 November 2012
The US and Europe: Where next for progressive politics?

Policy Network and Global Progress have come together to launch a major programme of transatlantic political dialogue.

The process kicked-off in London on November 15th 2012, led by a new generation of politicians from across the US and Europe, including: Douglas Alexander, UK  Labour; Mikael Damberg,  Swedish Social Democrats (SAP); Sandro Gozi, Italian Democratic Party (PD); Anthony Foxx, Democratic mayor of Charlotte; Juan Moscoso del Prado, Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE); Carsten Schneider, German Social Democrats (SPD); Hadia Tajik, Norwegian minister of culture; Chuka Umunna, UK  Labour; and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, minister and spokesperson for the Government of François Hollande.
The keynote session reflected on what lessons a new generation of policymakers can learn from Bill Clinton (US president) and Tony Blair's (former UK prime minister) respective terms in office.

The keynote session was followed by a series of roundtable workshops and panels focusing on progressive economics and the squeezed middle, new distributional conflicts and political campaigning and coalition-building. These sessions were led by thinktank and campaigning organisation heads, including: Gavin Kelly, the Resolution Foundation; Will Marshall, Progressive Policy Institute; Kathryn Perera, Movement for Change; Heather Smith, Rock the Vote; and Neera Tanden, Center for American Progress.

The initiative draws on Policy Network's wealth of experience as secretariat to the Progressive Governance Network over the past decade, and bridges recent conferences in this series in Dublin and Oslo, as well as an academic process of transatlantic reflection in co-operation with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), the University of Oxford and Harvard Law School.

Global Progress, led by the Center for American Progress and La Fundación IDEAS, in turn have complemented the Progressive Governance Network through providing a new forum for intergenerational dialogue and a focus on political communication and organisation, most recently in their Madrid and New York international conferences.

The next stage of this process will be a major political gathering in Copenhagen taking place in Spring 2013.

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