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Positive response to After the Third Way

01 May 2012
Positive response to After the Third Way

In a review for the Financial Times, Tony Barber has welcomed Policy Network's recent publication After the Third Way, labelling it "a stimulating set of essays showing how the 2008 crisis exposed the flaws in the marriage of economic efficiency with social justice".

Barber draws particular attention to Andrew Gamble's conclusion that "centre-right parties tend to adapt better than their opponents to economic crises". As centre-right parties skilfully associate the centre-left in the public mind with big government, "social democratic parties are paying an even heavier price than was to be expected".

The mark its launch of the book, Policy Network is hosting a public debate and lecture, in partnership with King’s College London, to discuss the key tenets of the publication.

Speakers include:
Patrick Diamond
, senior research fellow at Policy Network and Nuffield College, Oxford, and former head of policy planning in 10 Downing Street
Andrew Gamble, professor and head of the department of politics at the University of Cambridge
Zaki Laïdi, professor of international relations at Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences-Po)
Katrine Kielos, lead-writer for Aftonbladet, Sweden and Scandanavia's largest newspaper

Olaf Cramme and Patrick Diamond have also coupled some of the book's key threads with the sharper and more coherent path for radical social democratic reform proposed within A Centre-Left Project for New Times in a series of opinion pieces for key newspapers and publications across Europe including: El Pais, the Guardian, New Statesman and DagensArena.

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