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  • Inclusive prosperity – supporting business, economic growth and fairness

    Dates: 3 July 2014
    Venue: Central London
    The Inclusive Prosperity Conference will bring together business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, trades unions, key stakeholders and politicians to discuss the changes developed economies are experiencing due to globalisation, technological advances, and other major trends, including to their labour markets.
  • A new political economy For Britain?

    Dates: 30 January 2014
    Venue: The Royal Society, 6 - 9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG.
    Policy Network and the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) will join forces to bring together leading politicians, academic experts, policymakers and business figures from across the UK and Europe to debate Britain's political economy choices.
  • Beating populism in populist times: The power of cities and institutional renewal

    Dates: 6 February 2014
    Venue: Westminster
    This seminar will seek to move beyond analysis of the populist phenomenon (i.e EU elections, Le Pen, Wilders and Farage et al) to set out some ideas on how mainstream political parties need to respond to the signal populism sends about the failure and ‘elite capture' of representational politics.
  • Contact democracy for the hyper-connected age

    Dates: 9 December 2014
    Venue: The Royal Society, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AG
    This public event will investigate how we can reinvigorate our democratic institutions and political parties for the 21st century in a hyper-connected age, looking at democratic innovations and experiments in deliberative and contact democracy.
  • Devolution and the changing nature of power

    Dates: 30 October 2014
    Post Scottish referendum, the politics of identity in the UK is more salient than ever. This Policy Network, Barrow Cadbury Trust and Renewal Journal event will discuss the politics of Englishness and the implications for progressive commitments and thinking.
  • Economic and social futures in Europe

    Dates: 2 December 2014
    Venue: Brussels
    Policy Network and Solidar will hold a roundtable workshop on European social policy and the EU 2020 agenda at its mid-term.
  • Eurozone futures and democratic reform: Steps towards a more functional EMU and greater accountability in the EU

    Dates: 28 October 2014
    This half day event will focus on the future of economic governance: which reforms are desirable and feasible? How to improve the EU’s legitimacy? How does the Banking Union and Eurozone integration impact on the wider EU?
  • In the shadow of giants - the paradox of modernisation in the second generation

    Dates: 26 September 2014
    Venue: The Windsor Castle
    This is the first lecture in a new series of events designed to consider Australian politics in a global context. The 2014 address will be given by Michael Cooney, the Executive Director of the Chifley Research Centre and formerly speechwriter to Australia's 27th Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
  • Innovation and productivity growth in the UK and Europe

    Dates: 15 October 2014
    Venue: Central London
    Policy Network and The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) are holding a London conference on productivity and innovation-led growth. The conference is hosted and sponsored by Google.
  • Laying the foundations for a Labour century

    Dates: 8 December 2014
    Venue: Grand Committee Room off Westminster Hall, Houses of Parliament, Westminster
    This event will together ideas on how the centre-left can maintain its electoral appeal and remain an effective force for progress amidst the major economic and political challenges of our times.

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