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  • After the German elections: What future of European Social Democracy?

    Dates: 24 September 2013
    Venue: Brighton Holiday Inn, Lancing 1
    The German federal election will be held on 22 September. It is a landmark election given the insight it will offer into the state of European social democracy and the future of the EU. What can the UK Labour learn from the German election? Has European social democracy come to terms with the need for welfare reform, fiscal discipline and political innovation?
  • Governing from the Left: Economic Competence and ‘In the Black Labour’

    Dates: 24 September 2013
    Venue: Brighton Holiday Inn, Lancing 1
    Polls show that an alarming number of voters believe that Labour cannot be trusted on the economy. This credibility gap has spurred pronouncements on the need for "iron discipline" and "big and painful choices" for a tough deficit reduction plan.
  • Everyone’s business: Making finance and industry work better for Britain

    Dates: 23 September 2013
    Venue: Brighton Holiday Inn, Lancing 1
    Advanced economies have to reassess how they earn their living and make their way in a post-financial crash world increasingly shaped by emerging economies. The focus of the UK’s reassessment has largely revolved around ‘rebalancing’ the economy away from banking and in favour of industrial policies that would help revive manufacturing and increase innovation.
  • Better off in a better Europe?

    Dates: 23 September 2013
    Venue: Brighton Holiday Inn, Lancing 1
    The debate over Britain’s place in Europe has reached fever pitch in recent months following David Cameron’s commitment to hold a referendum on EU membership by no later than 2017. The promise of renegotiating Britain’s membership terms has been met with scepticism in Europe. Moreover, the prime minister’s tough stance has not earned him many political dividends at home: UKIP is on the march and backbench revolts are continuing to fester.
  • Progressive capitalism: Britain’s debate in context

    Dates: 12 September 2013
    Venue: Westminster
    The continued negative impact of the crisis on western economies has heightened the need for deeper understanding of the way capitalism works and the impact that different models of capitalism have on how competitive advantages are secured: debate over the merits of co-ordinated models of market capitalism versus liberal market capitalism reverberate across political capitals.
  • Progressive politics after the crash: Governing from the left

    Dates: 4 September 2013
    Venue: Westminster
    Those who hoped the collapse of financial markets would usher in the end of neoliberalism and rehabilitate support for traditional social democratic policy programmes have been disappointed. It is not only the irrationality of markets which is the focus of public discontent, but the inefficiency of states and the inability of elected governments to humanise and control global market capitalism.
  • Sitting at the 'top table'? The Future of the UK in European Financial Services

    Dates: 12 July 2013
    Venue: Europe House, London
    Policy Network will host a public debate on the future of the UK in European Financial Services. The event will question the impact of the euro area’s integration on the regulation of financial services in the EU, and the place of the UK in this context. Recent controversies about the banking union, the cap on bonuses and the financial transaction tax initiated by eleven eurozone members have raised doubts about the ability of the City to defend its interests in Brussels in the future.
  • Left with-out a future? Social justice in anxious times

    Dates: 9 July 2013
    Venue: Westminster
    Policy Network will host a public debate on the future of the British Left and Labour’s political offer in the 2015 election. The occasion will also mark the launch of Anthony Painter’s forthcoming Policy Network/I.B Tauris book, Left with-out a Future? Social Justice in Anxious Times.
  • Democratic self-government in Europe

    Dates: 2 July 2013
    Policy Network will host an interactive lunchtime debate on 'Democratic Self-Government in Europe'.
  • 'Pre-distribution' and the living standards crisis

    Dates: 12 June 2013
    Venue: Institute for Government
    Policy Network and the Institute for Government will host an event with US academic and political commentator Jacob Hacker of Yale University. Jacob Hacker will be interviewed for the BBC Radio 4 programme, Analysis, by Edward Stourton, followed by a recorded question and answer session with the audience.

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