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  • Where next for the politics of the Eurozone crisis?

    Dates: 11 October 2012
    Venue: The Institute of International and European Affairs, Dublin
    Roger Liddle, Loukas Tsoukalis and Olaf Cramme will discuss whether the approaches of creditor, debtor and non-Eurozone countries can be reconciled and what we should expect for the future of European integration.
  • What role for nuclear power?

    Dates: 26 January 2012
    Venue: Westminster
    Policy Network questions the role of nuclear energy in the final seminar as part of a series of events with Anthony Giddens on The Politics of Climate Change.
  • What future? The European left

    Dates: 14 March 2012
    Venue: Westminster
    Policy Network is hosting a debate to mark the launch of a new pamphlet by Stuart Bell MP entitled “What future? The European left”.
  • Universities and the growth agenda in a global era

    Dates: 14 June 2012
    Venue: Westminster
    Policy Network, in partnership with UCLAN and the Samuel Lindow Foundation, is hosting roundtable event exploring the role of universities as growth drivers for the UK economy in a global era.
  • UK economy: the crisis in perspective

    Dates: 23 April 2012
    Venue: Westminster
    Policy Network is co-hosting a breakfast seminar to mark the recent publication of a collection of essays on the UK economy's recent history.
  • The US and Europe: Where next for progressive politics?

    Dates: 15 November 2012 to 15 November 2012
    Venue: Central London
    Policy Network and Global Progress have come together to launch a major programme of transatlantic political dialogue.
  • The quest for growth: ideas for a new political economy and a more responsible capitalism

    Dates: 6 September 2012
    Venue: City of London
    Policy Network will be hosting an all day conference to debate how Britain can develop policies that could support growth both in the short and long term against the background of a difficult economic and financial situation.
  • The prospects for geo-engineering

    Dates: 12 January 2012
    Venue: Westminster
    Policy Network discusses the prospects for geo-engineering in the first of three seminars forming a new series of events with Anthony Giddens on The Politics of Climate Change.
  • The next centre-left century

    Dates: 02 July 2012 to 03 July 2012
    Venue: University of Oxford
    Policy Network will bring together a selective group of academics, senior politicians and strategic thinkers from across Europe and the US for a two-day event at Nuffield College in Oxford.
  • The future of European social democracy

    Dates: 25 April 2012
    Venue: Berlin, Germany
    Policy Network continues the “Amsterdam Process” dialogue on the future of European social democracy with a series of political exchanges in Berlin.

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