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  • The Amsterdam Process

    Dates: 30 June 2010 to 01 July 2010
    Venue: Amsterdam
    The ideological renewal of European Social Democracy – A new revisionism for the 21st century.
  • Europe in crisis?

    Dates: 10 June 2010
    Venue: Athens
    The event will include the presentation of the Greek edition of the Synthesis Report entitled “A European Union “fit for purpose” in a global age: Can we rise to the challenge?”.
  • The EU in 2020: fit for what purpose?

    Dates: 22 April 2010
    Venue: Paris
    Policy Network and Terra Nova will hold a two day symposium on the future of the European Union in Paris on the 22nd and 23rd of April 2010.
  • Foresight India

    Dates: 25 March 2010
    Venue: New Delhi
    Bringing together leaders and experts from India and across the globe to discuss India's role in an in an interdependent and multi-polar world, the Foresight India symposium will take place on 25-26 March in New Delhi.
  • Migration and the rise of nationalist right-wing parties: confrontation, isolation or engagement?

    Dates: 11 March 2010
    Venue: Copenhagen
    Policy Network, in partnership with The Migration Initiative at the University of Copenhagen, will host a seminar on “Migration and the rise of nationalist right-wing parties: confrontation, isolation or engagement?” on 11th March in Copenhagen.
  • Science and its sceptics: the politics of climate change

    Dates: 10 March 2010
    Venue: London
    The relationship between the science of climate change and the politics of a climate change is currently an uneasy one. As the recent furore over misrepresented scientific data is debated by the political mainstream, the time is right to reflect upon how this relationship could be strengthened.
  • Post-Lisbon: The future of the European Union

    Dates: 26 February 2010
    Venue: Madrid
    Policy Network and the Fundación IDEAS held a one-day conference on the future of the European Union in Madrid.
  • Through a billion voices: the making of Indian foreign policy

    Dates: 25 February 2010
    Venue: London
    India is poised to be an instrumental player in the emerging international landscape. With its symbolic significance as a plural democracy and its potential to play a stabilising role in a volatile region, India occupies a unique position in international affairs.
  • Jobs, industry and opportunity: growth strategies after the crisis

    Dates: 19 February 2010
    Venue: London
    The financial crisis has urged us to rethink our approach to economic policy. Having averted a 1930s style depression, the focus of progressive politicians around the world is now shifting towards delivering a new politics of sustainable economic growth and job creation, one that is forward thinking and transformative and acknowledges the role of strategic public investment in our shared prosperity. 
  • A planet in peril: the politics of climate change

    Dates: 2 February 2010
    Venue: London
    The advent of a low-carbon economy is much discussed at the moment, but accounts differ as to what this new economy will look like. Technological innvovation will be pivotal to this process, as will the lifestyle changes stemming from a developing ecological consciousness. 

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