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  • What future for social investment?

    Dates: 7 May 2009
    Venue: Stockholm
    Assessing the diversity, feasibility, and economic and social relevance of social investment strategies and the future of the European Union, this conference took place in Stockholm on 7-8 May, 2009.
  • Tracking migration trends in Europe during recession and recovery

    Dates: 7 July 2009
    Venue: London
    The first seminar of Policy Network’s new research project on managing migration in times of economic crisis, entitled “Tracking migration trends in Europe during recession and recovery” took place in London on 7 July 2009. 
  • The role of the family in tackling poverty and inequality: a comparative European perspective

    Dates: 10 February 2009
    Venue: London
    Looking at family policy and its contribution to tackling poverty and inequality in the UK, Policy Network in partnership with the Fabian Society and the Webb Memorial Trust, has held seminar entitled “The role of the family in tackling poverty and inequality: a comparative European perspective”, in London on 10 February.
  • The politics of climate change: what happens "after the car"?

    Dates: 1 December 2009
    Venue: London
    John Urry, distinguished professor and director of the centre for mobilities research at Lancaster University, will outline the central arguments and public policy recommendations of his new book, After the Car (co-authored with Kingsley Dennis) at an interactive breakfast seminar on Tuesday 1 December.
  • The politics of climate change: from economic crisis to business revolution

    Dates: 5 June 2009
    Venue: London
    This conference, organised by Policy Network in association with the LSE’s Centre for the Study of Global Governance, will bring together leaders of the highest rank from the worlds of politics, academia and business.
  • The future of social democracy

    Dates: 5 November 2009
    Venue: Amsterdam
    Focusing on the future of centre-left politics in Europe, Policy Network, in partnership with Wiardi Beckman Stichting, co-organised a highly interactive and intensive two-day roundtable discussion in Amsterdam.
  • Social investment and welfare state reform

    Dates: 10 September 2009
    Venue: London
    Discussing the future of social investment in Britain, this seminar brought together highly distinguished social policy experts and practitioners from across the world.
  • Recasting the welfare state after the global financial crisis

    Dates: 27 May 2009
    Venue: London
    Policy Network, in partnership with the 2020 Public Services Trust will hold a select roundtable discussion with Professor Anton Hemerijck, director of the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy, on the future of the welfare state after the global financial crisis. This seminar will take place on Wednesday 27 May at the Royal Society of Arts.
  • Progressive Governance Conference 2009 - Responses to the global crisis: charting a progressive path

    Dates: 27 March 2009
    Venue: Chile
    Policy Network, acting as the secretariat of the progressive governance network, organised the 2009 Progressive Governance Conference in partnership with the Government of Chile. Hosted by Her Excellency, President Michelle Bachelet, the conference took place on 27 March 2009 in Chile.
  • Policy responses to the global financial crisis: the view from Chile

    Dates: 28 January 2009
    Venue: London
    Chilean finance minister Andrés Velasco, a rising progressive star and architect of Chile’s solid fiscal foundations as they face the global economic downturn with over 4% predicted growth, will be joining Policy Network for a breakfast roundtable meeting to debate common approaches to the financial crisis.

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