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  • A new progressive recovery plan for the European Union

    Dates: 14 May 2009
    Venue: London
    Discussing the need for a stronger and more progressive European plan to tackle the financial and economic crisis,  Policy Network in partnership with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) will host a roundtable meeting on economic recovery in Europe.
  • An EU "fit for purpose" in the global age

    Dates: 4 November 2009
    Venue: Brussels
    As the European Union reaches a crossroads this autumn, Policy Network, in partnership with Friends of Europe, will host a major international conference in Brussels on 4 November to launch and discuss the policy and political recommendations of its flagship research programme, "An EU “fit for purpose” in the global age."
  • An EU "fit for purpose" in the global age

    Dates: 9 March 2009
    Venue: London
    Examining how the EU can evolve into the next decade in a world of rapid globalisation and economic and financial uncertainty, the first draft of the synthesis report "Options for the EU post-2009" has been presented and discussed at a high level workshop and public lecture in London.
  • Book launch - The Politics of Climate Change

    Dates: 6 May 2009
    Venue: London
    The City of London and Policy Network will hold a launch event for The Politics of Climate Change, the latest book by Anthony Giddens, in London on the 6 May. The event will start with a short presentation by the author, followed by an opportunity for discussion and questions and answers. 
  • Book launch: Beyond New Labour: The future of social democracy in Britain

    Dates: 14 September 2009
    Venue: London
    Policy Network will host an interactive debate led by our new chair Roger Liddle and Lord Radice on the subject of Beyond New Labour?. It will be followed by a drinks reception to celebrate the launch of the new book “Beyond New Labour: the future of social democracy in Britain”, edited by Roger Liddle and Patrick Diamond.
  • Foresight USA

    Dates: 18 June 2009
    Venue: Washington D.C.
    The Foresight project will hold its second major regional symposium in Washington D.C. on the 18-19 June 2009. Organised by the Alfred Herrhausen Society, the International Forum of Deutsche Bank in partnership with Policy Network and The Brookings Institution, it will provide a unique opportunity to advance the task of forging a new global consensus on the shape of the emerging world order and the role of the US within it.
  • From crisis to opportunity: social justice in the global age

    Dates: 29 June 2009
    Venue: London School of Economics, New Theatre
    The global financial crisis has starkly demonstrated two things; that globalisation has led to an unprecedented degree of global economic interdependence and that unregulated markets alone cannot be trusted to deliver desirable social outcomes.
  • González Reflection Group: the future of the EU

    Dates: 9 December 2009
    Venue: London
    Launched by EU leaders in December 2008, and led by former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe González, the Group aims to identify the key internal and external challenges which the EU is likely to face in 2020-2030, and analyse how these might best be addressed.  
  • Industrial activism, market regulation and the transition to a low-carbon economy

    Dates: 15 October 2009
    Venue: London
    Bringing together a panel of internationally renowned strategic thinkers and policy experts, this high level seminar taking place at No.10 Downing Street will focus on industrial activism, market regulation and the transition to a low carbon economy.
  • International responses to state failure: challenges of cooperation in a multi-polar world

    Dates: 24 February 2009
    Venue: London
    Examining the challenges of weak and fragile states in a multi-polar world, the latest Foresight seminar, took place in London on 24 February.

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