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  • TUC conference - Bring back social Europe: the 21st century case

    Dates: 10 September 2007
    Venue: TUC Conference, Meeting Room 4, Brighton Centre
    Roger Liddle, vice chair of Policy Network and a senior adviser to the European Commission, will discuss the findings of his forthcoming Fabian freethinking paper, bring back social Europe, at a joint Policy Network and Fabian Society event at the TUC conference in Brighton on Monday 10 September.
  • Transforming public services through the third sector

    Dates: 24 July 2007
    Venue: Policy Network, London
    As part of our ongoing work on public service reform, Policy Network will be holding a seminar, entitled transforming public services through the third sector, in London on 24 July. Stephen Bubb, chief executive of ACEVO and Secrétaire Général of the newly established European Third Sector Leaders network, will host a discussion on the role of the third sector in public service reform.
  • Reinforcing the European Union

    Dates: 20 July 2007
    Venue: Ireland
    Global Europe will be unsustainable without modern social Europe, said Policy Network board member Roger Liddle, at an event in Ireland on 20 July. The principal economic adviser at the Bureau of European Policy Advisers was speaking at the MacGill Summer School in a session on reinforcing the European Union
  • Multilateralism, global and economic governance: strengths and weaknesses

    Dates: 17 July 2007
    Venue: Policy Network, London
    David Held, Professor of Political Science at the London School of Economics, delivered a presentation on the strengths and weaknesses of the current system of global governance, in the third meeting of Policy Network's globalisation and social justice group.
  • The future challenges facing public services: building on international experience

    Dates: 5 July 2007
    Venue: Policy Network, London
    New Labour should heed the lessons of the Australia as it considers the future direction of public service reform under Gordon Brown, said the former director of Demos, Tom Bentley, at a Policy Network seminar in London on Thursday 4 July.
  • Globalisation, the European Union and energy: tackling external and internal insecurity

    Dates: 4 July 2007
    Venue: The Centre, Brussels
    With energy and energy security rising up the international political agenda, Policy Network organised a half-day seminar in Brussels on Wednesday 4 July, examining the implications of this trend on Europe’s security, both internal and external.
  • Dysfunctional societies: why even small differences in inequality matter

    Dates: 3 July 2007
    Venue: Policy Network, London
    Richard Wilkinson, Professor of Social Epidemiology at the University of Nottingham and author of The Impact of Inequality: How to make sick societies healthier, spoke at a special Policy Network seminar on Tuesday 3 July.
  • Britain after Blair: UK, Europe and transatlantic relations in the post-Blair era

    Dates: 26 June 2007
    Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rue de la Loi 107, Brussels
    As Gordon Brown prepared to take the international stage, Policy Network in association with the German Marshall Fund held a joint event on the challenges facing UK foreign policy in a post-Blair era.
  • The future of schooling and education

    Dates: 25 June 2007
    This informal debate and discussion on the future of schooling and education, took place on Monday, 25th of June with Robert Hill, a leading independent consultant.
  • The new social realities and the reform of the European social model

    Dates: 22 June 2007
    Venue: Lisbon, Portugal
    As Portugal prepares to take over the EU presidency, Policy Network, the Partido Socialista and Novas Fronteiras organised a joint symposium to shift the debate about the future of the European social model to the forefront of European policy-making.

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