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  • A new socio-economic framework: progressive responses to globalisation

    Dates: 11 April 2007
    Venue: Melbourne, Australia
    This event in Melbourne, held from 11-12th April, was the second in the International Policy Commission Conference Series. This conference, held in cooperation with the Australian Fabians and supported by the Alfred Herrhausen Society, provided an exceptional forum to unite senior-level European and Australasian progressives, facilitating an exchange of perspectives on the development of new policies for a new global era.
  • Are emerging markets more or less vulnerable than in the past to global financial turbulence?

    Dates: 11 September 2007
    Venue: Policy Network, London
    Stephany Griffiths-Jones, Professor at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex delivered a presentation on today's global financial turbulence and its impact on emerging markets at a Policy Network seminar on Tuesday 11 September.
  • Book Launch: Over to you Mr Brown

    Dates: 28 March 2007
    Venue: Old Theatre, London School of Economics
    Anthony Giddens, the leading figure in the formulation of the 'Third Way' and renewal of progressive policies, launched his major new intervention "Over to you Mr Brown" at a crucial time in British politics.
  • Britain after Blair: UK, Europe and transatlantic relations in the post-Blair era

    Dates: 26 June 2007
    Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rue de la Loi 107, Brussels
    As Gordon Brown prepared to take the international stage, Policy Network in association with the German Marshall Fund held a joint event on the challenges facing UK foreign policy in a post-Blair era.
  • Britain and Europe in the global age: common challenges, new opportunities

    Dates: 18 January 2007
    Venue: Bloomberg European Headquarters, London
    Over 250 high-level progressive politicians, advisers, renowned experts and thinkers from the UK and Europe met to discuss the future of the European Union and the European Social Model at Policy Network’s conference, Britain and Europe in the Global Age: common challenges, new opportunities.
  • Britain and the global economy

    Dates: 21 November 2007 to 21 November 2007
    Venue: Policy Network, London

    Andrew Gamble, political scientist and head of the Department of Politics at Cambridge University, spoke at a special Policy Network seminar on the 21 November. His presentation, entitled Britain and the global economy, explored the historical and current impact of globalisation on Britain’s economy.

  • British and French perspectives on labour market and welfare reform

    Dates: 18 September 2007
    Venue: Policy Network, London
    At this event, Eric Besson, a minister attached to the office of the French prime minister with responsibility for forward planning and assessment of public policies, delivered a presentation on the French experience of labour market and welfare reform.
  • Coalition for the reform treaty launch

    Dates: 12 September 2007
    The Coalition for the Reform Treaty launched today with the message that the treaty is in Britain’s interests as well as the European Union’s because it will lead to more efficient, effective and democratic decision-making.
  • Competition for social justice: markets and contestability in public services

    Dates: 17 September 2007
    David Albury, former principal adviser in the prime minister's strategy unit, will address a seminar entitled competition for social justice: markets and contestability in public services on Monday 17th September from 5.00pm to 7.00pm.
  • Dysfunctional societies: why even small differences in inequality matter

    Dates: 3 July 2007
    Venue: Policy Network, London
    Richard Wilkinson, Professor of Social Epidemiology at the University of Nottingham and author of The Impact of Inequality: How to make sick societies healthier, spoke at a special Policy Network seminar on Tuesday 3 July.

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