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  • Europe, the next fifty years

    Dates: 22 March 2007
    Venue: London
    Chatham House hosted this conference "Europe, the next fifty years" to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Treaty Of Rome on 22 March in London. Policy Network's latest pamphlet, written by Peter Mandelson titled "The European Union in the Global Age" was launched at this event.
  • 'Flexicurity': a new departure for European social policy?

    Dates: 25 May 2007
    Venue: The Work Foundation
    In joint cooperation with the Work Foundation and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Policy Network organised a seminar on the theme of 'Flexicurity: a New Departure for European Social Policy?'.
  • Globalisation and identity

    Dates: 23 October 2007
    Venue: Policy Network, London
    Michael Wills MP, Minister of State in the Ministry of Justice, will debate the issue of globalisation and identity, at a special roundtable Policy Network seminar in London on the 23 October.
  • Globalisation and income inequality

    Dates: 11 December 2007
    Venue: Policy Network, London
    Danny Quah, head of the department of economics at the LSE, delivered a presentation on the impact of globalisation on income inequality in the developing world, at a special Policy Network seminar on Tuesday 11 December 2007.
  • Globalisation and the future of the welfare state: towards a new socio-economic model

    Dates: 15 March 2007
    Venue: Santiago, Chile
    In co-operation with members of the Chilean government and the Instituto Igualdad, Policy Network , supported by the Alfred Herrhausen Society, organised a high-level debate on ‘Globalisation and the Future of the Welfare State: Towards a New Socio-Economic Model.’ This event in Santiago, was the first in the International Policy Commission Conference Series, bringing together an unrivalled and experienced group of senior politicians, leading intellectuals, and up-and-coming thinkers from across the social democratic and progressive liberal spectrum.
  • Globalisation, growth and social equity: American and European perspectives

    Dates: 1 October 2007
    Venue: Washington DC
    Leading advisers to the US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama met with senior European progressives to discuss the common challenges associated with the new global economy and the social and political impact of rising levels of inequality on both sides of the Atlantic, at a conference organised by Policy Network and the Center for American Progress in Washington.
  • Globalisation, risk and inequality: towards a dynamic approach to sustainable growth

    Dates: 5 December 2007
    Venue: Brussels
    Senior European progressives, including the Spanish minister for work Jesus Caldera and the EU trade commissioner Peter Mandelson, discussed the challenges associated with the current wave of globalisation at a major Policy Network conference in Brussels on 5 December.
  • Globalisation, the European Union and energy: tackling external and internal insecurity

    Dates: 4 July 2007
    Venue: The Centre, Brussels
    With energy and energy security rising up the international political agenda, Policy Network organised a half-day seminar in Brussels on Wednesday 4 July, examining the implications of this trend on Europe’s security, both internal and external.
  • How to revive the European process? Contributions to a constitutional project

    Dates: 12 April 2007
    Venue: European Parliament, Brussels
    The European Network of Social Democratic Foundations (ENSoF) organised a conference on the theme, How to revive the European process? Contributions to a constitutional project, on 12 April 2007.
  • Hyperglobalists versus protectionists: is there a new social democratic paradigm?

    Dates: 19 June 2007
    Venue: Policy Network, London
    China’s current rate of economic growth is unsustainable, and is underpinned by the build up of massive foreign currency reserves in the region that threaten the long-term stability of the world trade system, said Will Hutton, author of The Writing on the Wall: Why We Must Embrace China, at a Policy Network seminar on Tuesday 19 June.

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