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  • A new socio-economic framework: progressive responses to globalisation

    Dates: 11 April 2007
    Venue: Melbourne, Australia
    This event in Melbourne, held from 11-12th April, was the second in the International Policy Commission Conference Series. This conference, held in cooperation with the Australian Fabians and supported by the Alfred Herrhausen Society, provided an exceptional forum to unite senior-level European and Australasian progressives, facilitating an exchange of perspectives on the development of new policies for a new global era.
  • How to revive the European process? Contributions to a constitutional project

    Dates: 12 April 2007
    Venue: European Parliament, Brussels
    The European Network of Social Democratic Foundations (ENSoF) organised a conference on the theme, How to revive the European process? Contributions to a constitutional project, on 12 April 2007.
  • The hydrogen economy: making the transition to the third industrial revolution and a new energy era

    Dates: 8 May 2007
    Venue: Old Theatre, London School of Economics
    As part of the Ralph Miliband Program, LSE is holding a lecture from 1-2:30pm on 8 May 2007 in the Old theatre with Jeremy Rifkin, president of the Foundation of Economic Trends in Washington DC.
  • Social Democracy Renewed? The revisionist tradition on the European centre-left

    Dates: 15 May 2007
    Venue: Mary Sumner House, 24 Tufton Street
    Policy Network, in association with the Fabian Society, hosted a debate on the future of social democracy in Britain and Europe, on Tuesday 15th May. The discussion began with a short lecture by Lord Giles Radice, former Labour Shadow Cabinet member and Chair of the Treasury Select Committee, and was followed by a high-level panel discussion.
  • Launch of 'Public Matters: The renewal of the public realm'

    Dates: 23 May 2007
    Policy Network, in support of the Public Service Reform Group, organised a private launch of the new publication Public Matters: The renewal of the public realm, held at the Royal Society of Arts on Wednseday 23 May at 6pm.
  • 'Flexicurity': a new departure for European social policy?

    Dates: 25 May 2007
    Venue: The Work Foundation
    In joint cooperation with the Work Foundation and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Policy Network organised a seminar on the theme of 'Flexicurity: a New Departure for European Social Policy?'.
  • The Business Case for the European Union

    Dates: 4 June 2007
    Venue: Bloomberg
    Policy Network, in partnership with Bloomberg and Business for New Europe will be holding a major lecture by Peter Mandelson, EU Commissioner for External Trade and Mike Rake, Chairman of KPMG International on the business case for the European Union. The lecture which will commence at 6pm on Monday 4th June will be held at an address in central London.
  • Public Matters Conference - Public Services After CSR07

    Dates: 7 June 2007
    Venue: Victoria Park Plaza, London, SW1V 1EQ
    The personal challenge for senior executives leading major public organisations is to understand the next wave of change to public services over and beyond the Corporate Spending Review 2007.  This important one-day conference will bring together top public sector managers from central and local government and Agencies together with private sector players to discuss the future of public sector reforms over the next 5 to 10 years. It will offer a unique insight into the leadership challenges for the coming decade.
  • Hyperglobalists versus protectionists: is there a new social democratic paradigm?

    Dates: 19 June 2007
    Venue: Policy Network, London
    China’s current rate of economic growth is unsustainable, and is underpinned by the build up of massive foreign currency reserves in the region that threaten the long-term stability of the world trade system, said Will Hutton, author of The Writing on the Wall: Why We Must Embrace China, at a Policy Network seminar on Tuesday 19 June.
  • The new social realities and the reform of the European social model

    Dates: 22 June 2007
    Venue: Lisbon, Portugal
    As Portugal prepares to take over the EU presidency, Policy Network, the Partido Socialista and Novas Fronteiras organised a joint symposium to shift the debate about the future of the European social model to the forefront of European policy-making.

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