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  • Progressive Generation Conference

    Dates: 2 December 2005
    Venue: Flemish Parliament in Brussels
    Progressive Generation brought together around 100 young leaders from the worlds of politics, business, academia, civil society, the media and culture from all around Europe. 28 nationalities were represented, with a nearly balanced gender participation.
  • Progressive governance 2005: Africa conference

    Dates: 28 July 2005
    Venue: Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesberg
    Policy Network, acting as the secretariat of the 'Progressive Governance Network', helped the Africa Institute of South Africa and the office of President Thabo Mbeki organise the regional progressive governance conference.
  • Launch of "The New Egalitarianism"

    Dates: 29 June 2005
    Venue: Old Theatre, London School of Economics
    Policy Network, the London School of Economics and Political Science and Polity co-organised the official launch of The New Egalitarianism, edited by Anthony Giddens and Patrick Diamond.
  • Trade dialogue

    Dates: 17 June 2005
    Venue: Washington DC
    Policy Network, in cooperation with the Center for American Progress, organised a high-level discussion on trade that took place on the eve of the US-EU summit in Washington, DC.
  • Preparatory working groups for the Progressive Governance Summit 2005

    Dates: 9 May 2005
    Venue: Berlin, Toronto and Stockholm
    At the last Progressive Governance Summit in October 2004, Policy Network was commissioned to prepare a series of reports for the forthcoming summit to be held in South Africa in 2005. Following a sherpa meeting held during Policy Network’s Annual Spring Retreat in March 2005, it was agreed that three working groups (Social cohesion and the new economic paradigm; Migration, integration and diversity; Demographic challenges of the 21st century) would be convened to prepare the agenda of the summit.
  • Economic reform working group - session 2

    Dates: 15 April 2005
    Venue: Brussels
    The second session of the meeting, which Policy Network organised in cooperation with the European Policy Centre (EPC) on the 14th and 15th April 2005 in Brussels, was devoted to research and innovation.
  • Economic reform working group - session 1

    Dates: 14 April 2005
    Venue: Brussels
    Policy Network organised in cooperation with the European Policy Centre (EPC) a new meeting of its economic reform working group on the 14th and 15th April 2005 in Brussels. The first working session was devoted to corporate governance, the second session addressed the issues of research and innovation.
  • Young Progressives Network

    Dates: 11 March 2005
    Venue: Warren House
    During Policy Network's third annual Spring Retreat the Young Progressives Network was launched. This new initiative of Policy Network brings together young progressive politicians from across Europe. The first meeting, led by Michiel van Hulten, Enrico Letta and Juan Moscoso was a huge success.
  • Policy Network's Third Annual Spring Retreat

    Dates: 11 March 2005
    Venue: Warren House
    The third Policy Network Annual Spring Retreat brought together over 120 leading politicians, intellectuals and policy-makers from Europe's centre-left political parties for a two-day brainstorming and strategy session at Warren House, UK.

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