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Progressive Governance Conference 2012

  • Date(s)
    12 October 2012
  • Time
    09:00 - 16:00
  • Location
Progressive Governance Conference 2012

Policy Network is organising a major Progressive Governance Conference, to be hosted by the Leader of the Irish Labour Party, Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore in Dublin on the 12 October, 2012.

At a vital time for Europe and European social democracy, this event will bring together leading centre-left politicians, academics, political thinkers and policymakers from across Europe to set out a plan for how the centre-left would steer Europe out of the crisis and implement an ambitious programme for economic reform.

Three expert papers below prepare the ground for the 2012 Progressive Governance Conference by setting out a clear direction for the future of European social democracy.

Steering Europe out of the Crisis: EU integration as a positive-sum game
Europe must avoid at all costs a prolonged double‐dip recession, with the weakest members of the Eurozone leading a desperate suicide dance. The key challenges lie in balancing the burden of adjustments between creditors and debtors, regaining confidence in the irreversibility of Europe's currency union and restoring the political capacity of both national and European institutions to transform market driven democracies into democratically regulated markets. By Loukas Tsoukalis

A Progressive Economic Strategy: Innovation, redistribution and labour-absorbing services 
A way of looking at the challenges for a progressive economic strategy is to see the complementarity among policies that; boost innovation; reduce inequality in assets and in market income; and foster the growth of good jobs in the labour-absorbing services sectors (health, social care, education). By Wendy Carlin
Governing as Social Democrats: Key policy priorities for the left in Europe
The redistributive model of the state is in crisis. Post-crisis social democracy should be animated by a dual mission: pursuing resilience in our societies and institutions; and structural reforms geared towards sustainable growth and human capital investment. By Patrick Diamond

Confirmed speakers include: Eamon Gilmore (deputy prime minister, and leader, Irish Labour Party), Peter Mandelson (president of Policy Network), Ed Balls (shadow chancellor of the exchequer, UK Labour party), Loukas Tsoukalis (president, ELIAMEP, Athens), Nicolai Wammen (minister for European affairs, Danish Social Democratic Party), Magdalena Andersson (shadow finance minister, Sweden), Hannes Swoboda (president, Socialists and Democrats Group, European Parliament), Brendan Howlin (minister for public expenditure, Irish Labour Party), Wendy Carlin (professor of economics, University College London), Alex White (Irish minister of state at the department of health), Enrico Letta (deputy secretary, Italian Democratic Party), Frances O’Grady (general secretary, Trade Union Congress, UK), Bernadette Ségol (general secretary, European Trade Union Confederation, Brussels), Jan O’Sullivan (minister of state for housing and planning, Irish Labour Party), Patrick Diamond (senior research fellow, Policy Network), Axelle Lemaire (member of the French Assemblée Nationale), John Crombez (State secretary, Belgium government), Rachel Reeves (shadow chief secretary to the treasury, UK Labour Party), Lodewijk Asscher (deputy mayor, Amsterdam), Torgeir Larsen (deputy foreign minister, Norway), Joan Burton (deputy leader, Irish Labour Party), and Ruairi Quinn (minister for education, Irish Labour Party).

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