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Populism, extremism and the mainstream

  • Date(s)
    19 June 2012
  • Time
    09.00 - 13.00
  • Location
    Westminster, London
Populism, extremism and the mainstream

Identity politics in Europe has moved from race to immigration to culture to Euro‐scepticism and nation. The response of mainstream politics – with particular reference to social democratic parties and movements ‐ has been weak, as it has failed to fit the politics of identity with its traditional political framework. There has been a pattern of first evasion, then panic, overreaction, defeat and then despondency.

To challenge this, Policy Network, in partnership with the Barrow Cadbury Trust, has launched a new research project on Populism, extremism and the mainstream. The project will be built around three seminars which will focus in turn on the UK, northern Europe and continental Europe.

The first event focusing on the UK will take place on Tuesday 19 June 2012.


The changing nature of identity politics – from race and immigration to culture, nation and Europe
Matthew Goodwin, University of Nottingham
British politics and populist anti-europeanism
Rob Ford, University of Manchester
The politics of Englishness
Andrew Mycock, reader in politics and co-founder of the Academy for the Study of Britishness, University of Huddersfield
Immigration and cultural angst
Catherine Fieschi, Counterpoint
Defeating the BNP, fighting the next battles
Ruth Smeeth, hope not hate

Labour, England, Europe and cultural change
Natasha Engel, Labour MP
Where the Conservatives will be in 2015 on England and Europe
Kris Hopkins, Conservative MP
Policy responses to division: what may work?
Shamit Saggar, professor of political science at the University of Sussex

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