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The Amsterdam Process

  • Date(s)
    30 June 2010 to 01 July 2010
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The Amsterdam Process
European social democracy is in desperate need of a period of ideological reconstruction. Genuinely fresh ideas and transformative policies will have to underpin the fundamental rethinking that is required.  To this end, Policy Network and the Wiardi Beckman Stichting are launching a new programme of reflection and strategic thinking on “The ideological renewal of European Social Democracy – A new revisionism for the 21st century.

Laying the foundations for a series of events across major European capitals, a steering group will convene in Amsterdam on the 30th & 1st of July for a frank and open discussion on the parlous state of European social democracy and how progressive politics might be revitalised.

After the Dutch, UK and Belgian elections, this working group will endeavor to develop an agenda for a research programme which will reach out to the European progressive community over the next 18 months.The emphasis will be on identifying the key questions and obstacles that social democracy must face up to and overcome if they are to tackle electoral retreat and the manifold challenges of the post-crisis world. 

In line with this Policy Network has launched a new “Social Democracy Observatory,” a unique platform for centre-left analysis and debate. We would be delighted to hear from you and welcome all comments, ideas and proposals.

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