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Immigration and political trust

  • Date(s)
    21 September 2010
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Immigration and political trust
Immigration and political trust: Exploring the linkages

On Tuesday 21st September, Policy Network will launch its new research initiative ‘Immigration and Political Community: the impact of immigration on political trust’.  The project will examine in which ways immigration affects people’s confidence in politicians and political institutions in order to develop concrete proposals to restore political trust in relation to immigration policy. This first meeting will be a brainstorming seminar that will bring together a group of key experts and practitioners to help inform and shape the scope and questions to be explored in the 12 month project.

Cause for concern? The impact of immigration on political trust

This paper explores the extent to which public concern about immigration affects trust in national politicians and political institutions. Through an examination of four rounds of the European Social Survey (2002-2009) , the paper finds that concerns about the effects of immigration have an impact on trust in politics: if citizens’ perception of the effects of immigration is negative, they are less trusting of the institutions of the political system.

   This project is kindly supported by The Barrow Cadbury Trust

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