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A new socio-economic framework: progressive responses to globalisation

  • Date(s)
    11 April 2007
  • Location
    Melbourne, Australia

This event in Melbourne, held from 11-12th April, was the second in the International Policy Commission Conference Series.

The International Policy Commission initiative is a cross-cutting project aimed at helping shape a new agenda for left-of-centre modernisers, breaking down the insularity of national parties and policy-makers, bringing together an experienced group of senior politicians, leading intellectuals, and up-and-coming thinkers from across the social democratic and progressive liberal spectrum.

This conference, held in cooperation with the Australian Fabians and supported by the Alfred Herrhausen Society, provided an exceptional forum to unite senior-level European and Australasian progressives, facilitating an exchange of perspectives on the development of new policies for a new global era.

High-profile participants at this conference included Lindsay Tanner, (Australian Shadow Minister for Finance), Will Marshall (President, Progressive Policy Institute, Washington DC), Mike Rann (Premier of South Australia), Evan Thornley (Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier of Victoria) and Roger Liddle (Principal Advisor, European Commission).

This conference consisted of a public symposium followed by a day of closed strategy groups. Participants analysed the challenges presented by globalisation, economic insecurity and increasing diversity within established liberal democratic states. Specific attention was given to progressive policy options in light of changing social-economic realities. To do so fully, participants assessed the implications of trade liberalisation, global capital movement, increased migration and environmentalism and energy policy, reflecting on contemporary trends of rising inequality. Building on this debate, participants also discussed the benefits of early childhood intervention, the usefulness and limitations of investment in human capital and the implications of contemporary socio-economic trends and social concerns for the progressive agenda.


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