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Progressive governance 2005: Africa conference

  • Date(s)
    28 July 2005
  • Location
    Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesberg

Policy Network, acting as the secretariat of the 'Progressive Governance Network', helped the Africa Institute of South Africa and the office of President Thabo Mbeki organise the Regional Progressive Governance Conference. After the Progressive Governance Conference in Budapest in 2004, this new conference took place in Johannesburg on 28 and 29 July 2005.

The event brought together approximately 200 politicians, policy-makers and academics from progressive parties across the African continent, alongside 50 international participants.  It built on recent initiatives for the political future of Africa such as the G8 commitments taken in Gleneagles, the Africa Commission report, and the New Partnership for African Development as well as the Pan-African Union activities. The conference helped define an agenda for progressive parties in Africa, and sought to identify specifically ‘progressive’ policy options in the African context.

The event also had three plenary sessions exploring the development of progressive politics in Africa, economic management in Africa and Africa’s relationship with the rest of the world.  In addition, smaller discussion rounds took place within five working groups dedicated to Good Governance & Public Services, Global Governance, New Economic Paradigm, Social Policy and Social Cohesion, and the Role of Political Parties.

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