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Progressive Britain: Building a majority for change

  • Date(s)
    21 June 2017
  • Time
    08:45 - 13:00
Progressive Britain: Building a majority for change

The general election result has come as a shock to most political pundits. Labour made gains in both votes and seats, while the Conservatives lost their majority. Jeremy Corbyn ran an upbeat, hopeful campaign that inspired many, while serious questions are being asked in the Tory camp. Pessimism about the left’s survival has dissipated as Labour, at least in England, appears to have succeeded in uniting progressives behind a single banner.

On the other hand, there is still an electoral mountain to climb. As the dust on Corbyn’s remarkable achievement settles, progressives must reflect on whether ‘one more push’ on the current strategy is the right approach. It may or may not be enough to cobble together a weak, patchwork coalition to remove the Conservatives from Government at the next opportunity, but if Labour is to transform the country yet again it needs to build a majority that can serve as a platform for a two-term government – a further hundred seats at least. Will ‘one more push’ suffice to win in Dover, Nuneaton and Harlow?

In the immediate aftermath of the 2017 general election, and looking ahead to a further period of political uncertainty and the possibility of yet another election in the coming months, join us for the launch of our new workstream: The Next Progressive Project for Britain.

Key questions up for discussion include:

  • What are the key political challenges the left faces today?
  • What did Labour get right in the 2017 election, and why didn’t it win?
  • What is the grand, uniting vision for progressives today, and does it need one?
  • What is the coalition of interests, ideas and voters that will deliver a progressive majority?

The project aims to bring together thinkers from the centre left – and beyond – to look in detail at how progressives can develop radical, politically credible solutions to the problems of the middle decades of the twenty-first century.




  • Andrew Gamble, professor of politics, University of Sheffield
  • Deborah Mattinson, founder, BritainThinks
  • Philip Collins, columnist, The Times
  • Patrick Diamond, co-chair, Policy Network
  • Rachel Reeves MP, former shadow secretary of state for work and pensions and member of parliament for Leeds West
  • Peter Kellner, former president, YouGov
  • Zoe Williams, columnist, The Guardian
  • Jonathan Rutherford, writer
  • Matthew Laza, director, Policy Network
  • Alice Martin, senior researcher, New Economics Foundation
  • Peter Taylor-Gooby, professor of social policy, University of Kent
  • Roger Liddle, co-chair, Policy Network and member of the House of Lords
  • Charlie Cadywould, researcher, Policy Network


This event is being held at the British Academy

Photo credit: Shutterstock.com

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