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The People's Verdict launch (Edinburgh)

  • Date(s)
    15 June 2017
  • Time
    14:00 - 16:00
  • Location
    Project Room 1.06, 50 George Square, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH8 9JU
The People's Verdict launch (Edinburgh)

Trust in government and politicians is in short supply. People claim to be tired of ‘experts’ and the divide between facts and opinion has been blurred. The art of offering simple solutions to complex problems is tipping the scale away from nuanced, multifaceted answers founded on compromise.

Within this context, governments nonetheless need to make difficult decisions, whether it's developing budgets, aligning priorities, or designing long-term projects. It's often impossible to make everybody happy, and the messy business of weighing trade-offs takes place. 

Claudia Chwalisz will present the key findings in The People's Verdict, a study of 50 long-form deliberative processes, where randomly selected citizens have played key roles in decisions such as Canada's national mental health action plan, Melbourne's 10-year $5 billion budget, Victoria's obesity strategy and Ontario's housing legislation, among others. She makes the case that adding informed citizen voices to the heart of public decision-making leads to more effective policies.

The session will include opportunities for participants to discuss the book’s findings and the role that Scotland can play in advancing democratic innovation.



Keynote listeners:

Katherine Smith (University of Edinburgh)

Ruchir Shah (SCVO and Open Government Partnership)

Kaela Scott (Involve)

Richard Norris (Scottish Health Council & Academy of Government)

Scottish Government (TBC)

Facilitated by: Oliver Escobar (What Works Scotland & University of Edinburgh)

Tea and coffee will be served from 2pm, the event will start at 2.15pm.

You are also invited to follow and join the discussion on Twitter #PeoplesVerdict





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This event is hosted by What Works Scotland at the University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with Policy Network and The Sir Bernard Crick Centre


This event is hosted by Policy Network and The Sir Bernard Crick Centre.

Policy Network is an international thinktank and research institute. Our work is driven by a network of politicians, policymakers, business leaders, public service professionals, and academic researchers who work on long-term issues relating to public policy, political economy, social attitudes, governance and international affairs. 

The Sir Bernard Crick Centre is based in the University of Sheffield’s Department of Politics. Our aim is to study and promote the public understanding of politics (broadly defined) in a manner that cultivates debate and encourages engaged citizenship around the world. We therefore seek to close the gap that has arguably emerged not just between politicians and the public but also between academe and society more broadly.

The People's Verdict was generously supported by Professor Tony Crook through the Crook Public Service Fellowship at The Crick Centre, as well as The University of Sheffield, the ESRC and Policy Network.


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