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Work 4.0: Responding to the challenges in the digital era

  • Date(s)
    24 February 2017
  • Time
    08:00 - 09:15
  • Location
    11 Tufton Street, 3rd Floor, London, SW1 3QB
Work 4.0: Responding to the challenges in the digital era

This expert roundtable is part of Policy Network’s series and research agenda on the future of work. At the heart of the discussion, we will be examining on how governments can best adapt to a digital working world. The issues discussed will range from talks about reforming the welfare state, providing high-quality training, improving social dialogue and finding new rules for the platform economy. We will also discuss the new white paper “Weissbuch Arbeiten 4.0”, launched by the German labour ministry in November 2016, which presents a comprehensive policy agenda for how to respond to the changing nature of work.

Focusing on the reform debates in the UK and Germany, this expert roundtable will bring together policymakers, political advisers, business insiders, and members of the media and civil society who are working closely on the transformative power of new technologies. Based on this expert knowledge, the main objective of this roundtable is to present a variety of policy options and strategies on how decision-makers in the private and public sector can best address the main challenges for the successful adoption of platforms in Europe.



Ursula Huws, professor of labour and globalisation, University of Hertfordshire (chair)

Max Neufeind, fellow, Das Progressive Zentrum and senior adviser, German labour ministry

Kate Bell, head of the economic and social affairs department, TUC

Alice Martin, senior researcher, New Economics Foundation

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(The image is by Janssem Cardoso, published under CC0 1.0)


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