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The Crosland Legacy: the future of British social democracy

  • Date(s)
    7 December 2016
  • Time
    15:00 - 19:00
  • Location
    Aldersgate Room, Central Hall, Storey's Gate, London, SW1H 9NH
The Crosland Legacy: the future of British social democracy

To mark the 60th anniversary of Anthony Crosland's influential tract The Future of Socialism, the Mile End Institute is hosting a half-day symposium on his intellectual and political legacy. The conference is convened by Patrick Diamond and Michael Kenny of the School of Politics at Queen Mary University of London, with the support of Policy Network.

Patrick Diamond has recently published The Crosland Legacy: the Future of British Social Democracy. This is an important moment for social democrats, policy thinkers and academics to consider the relevance of Crosland's work to today’s political context. The symposium will bring together leading politicians, policymakers, academic experts and political activists to reconsider Crosland’s legacy for contemporary times, and to consider the future politics of centre-left renewal.



The afternoon will be divided into three sessions:

  • Personal reflections on Crosland’s career as intellectual and politician
  • Crosland’s intellectual legacy in relation to equality and the role of the state
  • A roundtable on future centre-left renewal


Confirmed speakers include:

  • Patrick Diamond, author of The Crosland Legacy, lecturer in public policy, Queen Mary University of London, and co-chair, Policy Network
  • Michael Kenny, professor of politics and director of the Mile End Institute, Queen Mary University of London
  • David Lipsey, former political adviser to Anthony Crosland and member of the House of Lords
  • Vince Cable, former UK business secretary
  • Jean Seaton, professor of media history, University of Westminster
  • Jon Cruddas MP, member of parliament for Dagenham and Rainham
  • Liv Bailey, research director, Fabian Society



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