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Beyond Brexit: Can the EU-27 re-engineer growth?

  • Date(s)
    24 October 2016
  • Location
    The Shard (WBS London) 32 London Bridge Street London SE1 9SG
Beyond Brexit: Can the EU-27 re-engineer growth?

Although possible ‘Brexit’ scenarios dominate the British conversation on EU affairs, less attention is focused on what the EU currently undertakes to boost economic growth and accelerate the integration of digital services, capital markets and the completion of trade deals. This high-level conference aims to inform the British debate on EU affairs by taking stock of recent single market and eurozone developments. As long as it remains a member of the EU, Britain gets to co-decide on most of these matters, which will also contribute to shaping its future relationship with the EU.

The event is strictly non-partisan and co-funded by the European commission representation in the United Kingdom.

To participate in this conference, please register in advance of the event. Only guests registered in advance will be admitted.

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