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What will the EU look like?

  • Date(s)
    12 May 2016
  • Time
  • Location
    11 Tutfon Street, Westminster, SW1P 3QB

Perspectives on the post-referendum EU

The UK referendum will not only change the UK-EU relationship, but also impact on the overall dynamics of European integration. The 19 February deal sowed the seeds of what could be a more flexible EU if remain wins. In case of Brexit, a core group of countries might take an initiative to prevent further disintegration. In any event, the extent to which the EU can pragmatically accommodate various expectations and projects on the basis of its existing institutional toolkit will be severely tested.

The half-day seminar aims to identify key scenarios and options for the future of the EU after 23 June. It will bring together a small group of experts, commentators and policy-makers for three short sessions, which will each consist of 2-3 opening presentations followed by a roundtable discussion.


13:30 - Session 1: The EU since the Lisbon Treaty

What have been recent patterns of integration which are likely to shape the future of the EU? How has the multiplication of ‘crises’ impacted on EU decision-making and the institutional balance of power? Two years on, what can be said about the Commission’s new method?

Opening remarks by:
Chris Bickerton, lecturer, Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS), University of Cambridge
Uta Staiger, deputy director, UCL European Institute
Valentin Kreilinger, research fellow at the Jacques Delors Institut – Berlin

14:45 - Session 2: If the UK remains: towards two-tier Europe?

Does the 19 February create a special status for the UK only or does it open the door to more “Europe à la carte”? How can we expect EMU to develop and what impact can this have on the Single market and the position of non-euro countries?

Opening remarks by:
Andrew Duff, visiting fellow, European Policy Centre
Waltraud Schelkle, associate professor of political economy, LSE European Institute
Pat McFadden, Labour MP, former shadow Europe minister

16:00 - Session 3: If the UK leaves: impetus or coup de grace to greater integration?

What reactions can be expected from different (groups of) EU countries in the case of a Brexit vote? How can Brexit affect the dynamics of EU integration? How will Central and Eastern European member states position themselves?

Opening remarks by:
Mark Leonard, director of ECFR
John Peet, former Europe editor, The Economist
Sophia Besch, research fellow, Centre for European reform    


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