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Building for generation rent

  • Date(s)
    26 April 2016
  • Time
  • Location
    Policy Network - 11 Tufton Street, 3rd Floor, London SW1P 3QB
Building for generation rent

Policy Network will be holding a discussion event on London’s housing crisis and launch of a paper outlining new housing models bringing tenant and public benefits and remaking the private rented sector.

The new paper 'Building for generation rent: How a co-owned, co-operative model can solve the housing crisis' to be published at the event argues for accelerating and scaling new models of housing to transform the private rental sector, unlock public land and bring a return to public bodies, as well as spur wider social goods.

A new London Mayor will soon be elected and the greatest priority will be to address the multi-faceted housing crisis: too few homes being built and for millions of Londoners homes too expensive to buy, social homes oversubscribed and the private rented sector costly and insecure. A new paper outlines solutions to reshape the often overlooked private rental sector. It argues for the rapid acceleration of attractive co-owned, co-operative (intermediate) housing models to improve conditions for tenants with more security and affordability and align tenant and landlord interest. Alongside it outlines a new housing development model which could bring long-term income streams to public authorities, unlock public land and drive higher standards of housing such as through environmental gains. New housing solutions for London could be a beacon for other urban areas across the world facing similar housing pressures.



Jake Sumner, author of the paper and former Camden Council cabinet member and former chief adviser to Chuka Umunna MP and special adviser to John Denham MP (when CLG Secretary of State)
Claire McCarthy, general secretary Co-operative Party
Steve Bullock, elected mayor of Lewisham, lead on Housing for London Councils and deputy chair of the Local Government Association
Blase Lambert, chief officer at the Confederation of Co-operative Housing
Sarah Hayward, leader, Camden Council

Aditya Chakrabortty, senior economics commentator for the Guardian


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