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Stan Greenberg – in conversation: Where are the voters now?

  • Date(s)
    14 April 2016
  • Time
    18.30-20.00 (followed by a drinks reception)
  • Location
    St Matthew's Conference Centre - 20 Great Peter Street, London SW1P 2BU
Stan Greenberg – in conversation: Where are the voters now?


Stan Greenberg is America’s pre-eminent polling and political opinion guru.

Made famous by his role in Bill Clinton’s ‘comeback-kid’ successful 1992 run for the presidency and immortalised in the classic campaign movie The War Room, Greenberg has been at the centre of US political life for decades. But his interests and reach extend beyond America, and he has advised candidates across the globe – from South Africa to Germany to Australia.

In Britain his insights from the New Democrats helped shape New Labour and he has continued to advise the Labour party.

With the US getting into full election swing – and the Trump/Sanders insurgency capturing the headlines – there couldn’t be a better time to hear the latest from Stan.

He’ll be talking about his latest book America Ascendant, drawing on his regular national US polls  and discussing how the centre left respond to an unprecedentedly volatile electorate.

Greenberg will argue that the rise of Donald Trump represents the dying pangs of an old political order in the US, not the start of a new right wing populism and that the GOP’s consistent alienation of women, Hispanic and African American voters has fundamentally shifted American politics.

Sarah Sackman
, public and environmental lawyer and former Labour PPC

Iain Watson, political correspondent, BBC

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