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Diverging capitalism: the City after the crisis

  • Date(s)
    29 April 2016
  • Location
    11 Tutfon Street, Westminster, SW1P 3QB
Diverging capitalism: the City after the crisis


This workshop is the first in a series of four events organised as part of the research project ‘Diverging Capitalisms? Britain, the City of London and Europe’ jointly led by SPERI, FEPS and Policy Network on the changing nature of the British economy.

The purpose of this first workshop is to develop an informed discussion around the changing nature of the City of London after the crisis, and its changing relationship with both the UK economy and the EU/European economies. The discussion will also look at possible post-referendum scenarios. Two short, interactive sessions based on research contributions to the project will be followed by a policy-makers and commentators panel discussion. 



11.00-11.15   Welcome, Prof Colin Hay—SPERI, and Renaud Thillaye—Policy Network

11.15-12:30   Session 1—The City’s heterogeneity, changes associated with the Global Financial Crisis, and risks associated with ‘Brexit’

Presentation: ‘Competing political logics: the political intractability of London and the EU’
Dr Helen Thompson, University of Cambridge

Discussant: Thomas Aubrey, Policy Network
Chair: Dr Craig Berry, SPERI

12:30-13:00   Lunch Break

13:00-2:15   Session 2 — The interaction between the City and the British and European ‘real’ economies & the opportunities and risks of the Commission’s Capital Market Union for the City

Presentation: ‘‘Pragmatic adaptation’ and the future of the City of London: between globalization and EU membership’
Prof. Simona Talani (King’s College London)

Discussant: Prof. Anastasia Nesvetailova (City University)

Chair: Renaud Thillaye, Policy Network

2:15-3:45   Roundtable—The UK’s financial services industry after the referendum: in and out scenarios
Panellists (invited):

Graham Bishop, consultant on European integration and financial affairs
Nicholas Dorn, associate research fellow, Institute of advanced legal studies
Ernst Stetter, secretary general, Foundation of European Progressive Studies (FEPS)
Dan Corry, chief executive, NPC, and former head of the Number 10 Policy Unit (2007-2010)

Chair: Prof. Colin Hay, SPERI

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