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Financing Growth and Innovative SMEs: Looking at the CMU Action Plan

  • Date(s)
    15 March 2016
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Financing Growth and Innovative SMEs: Looking at the CMU Action Plan

The event, hosted in Berlin by the Deutsche Börse AG, will focus on three areas of the Action Plan including tax incentives for risky equity investment, the nature of public support for venture capital, and raising minimum insolvency standards. The key conclusion of Policy Network’s report Supporting Investors and Growth Firms: A Bottom-Up Approach to a Capital Markets Union was that the EU needs an equity revolution – and these three policy areas can be transformative in this respect if implemented effectively.

Questions to be debated include:
•    To what extent is Germany interested in pursuing incremental tax incentives for equity investors in risky projects, and how might the Commission be more proactive with regards to state aid rules on such incentives across the EU?
•    How might public support at the member state and EU level for venture capital be redirected to ensure that venture capital returns are higher?
•    What should the Commission do to drive forward minimum insolvency standards across the EU in order to increase cross border capital flows?

Policy Network’s senior adviser, Thomas Aubrey, will briefly set out the key challenges and policy areas. A panel of experts will respond to these remarks followed by a broader discussion. The event will bring together a high-level audience of government advisers and policymakers with SME representatives, banks, private equity firms and business angels.

Thomas Aubrey, Policy Network

Niall Bohan, European Commission
Alexandra Hachmeister, Deutsche Börse
Johannes Velling, Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie

By invite only‚Äč

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