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Progressive Dilemmas: A Policy Network and Political Quarterly Symposium

  • Date(s)
    17 November 2015
  • Time
    8.45 - 16.45
  • Location
    St Matthew’s Conference Centre, 20 Great Peter St, Westminster, London SW1P 2BU
Progressive Dilemmas: A Policy Network and Political Quarterly Symposium


The success of the right in the 2015 UK General Election and the subsequent realignment of the UK Labour Party underline the need for a period of profound reflection on the purpose and electoral offer of progressive politics in the 21st century.

This event, co-hosted by The Political Quarterly, will offer a key platform for political and academic reflection on the challenges a centre-left politics faces in Britain. Topics and areas covered will include: changing values, societal trends and political fragmentation; territorial diversities and changing electoral geography; what it means to be ‘progressive’ in a 21st century open, global world; and prospects for new political alliances and realignments.


Full speakers list:

Lise Butler (University of Oxford);
Vince Cable
(Former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills);
John Curtice
(University of Strathclyde);
Alan Finlayson (
University of East Anglia);
Andrew Gamble (Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute);
Anthony Giddens
(London School of Economics);
Jane Gingrich (University of Oxford);
Miranda Green
(Journalist and former Liberal Democrat adviser);
Peter Hain
(Labour peer);
Tristram Hunt
(Labour MP and former shadow secretary of state for education);
Ben Jackson
(University of Oxford);
Sunder Katwala (Director, British Future);
Ken Morgan
(Labour peer);
Jean Seaton
(University of Westminster);
Robert Skidelsky
(University of Warwick and crossbench peer);
Jane Wills
(Queen Mary, University of London)


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