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Policy Network Amsterdam meetings

  • Date(s)
    1 September 2015
  • Time
    20.00 - 22.00
  • Location
    De Balie
Policy Network Amsterdam meetings

Policy Network will visit Amsterdam on 1 September for a series of meetings to be held in partnership with the Wiardi Beckman Stichting

Public Event at De Balie
British Labour meets Dutch Labour: Progressive Politics in the New Hard Times

Progressive centre-left parties such as the Dutch PvdA and the UK Labour party are fighting to redefine their political identities and policy proposals for the 21st century. This battle takes place in the midst of the growing success of populist challengers on the right and left.

During this event a debate will take place about how the centre-left should position itself in light of major changes in our economies and societies, such as the impact of technological change, globalisation and individualism. How can the centre-left find a unifying, compelling and visionary story to tell, that focuses on economic and social modernisation and improvement while simultaneously closing the gap between the winners and losers of globalisation, and the younger and older generations? How to do this whilst remaining electorally above water in the post-crisis political environment of rising populism and polarisation?

Lodewijk Asscher, deputy prime minister of the Netherlands and minister of social affairs and employment
Chuka Umunna
, Labour MP and UK shadow business secretary

Marike Simons & Maud van de Wiel, political advisors, Simons Van de Wiel

More details can be found here.


Roundtable 1
The Social Reality of Europe

The eurozone crisis and consequent economic fall-out has consolidated and fundamentally intensified a divide between the stronger northern economies and the weaker southern ones. Europe is increasingly a continent of division: of growth versus stagnation; rising real incomes versus falling real incomes; impressive jobs growth versus markedly higher unemployment. The depth of this divide and its social and political consequences pose major questions about the future viability of the European project.

This session will open with the presentation of a new Policy Network/ Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) study on The Social Reality of Europe. It will conclude by exploring what both the EU and national governments can do to restore Europe's strength, sustainability, cohesion and competitiveness in a climate of rising populism.

Speakers: Roger Liddle (Policy Network); Ernst Stetter (Foundation for European Progressive Studies); Anton Hemerijck (VU University Amsterdam); René Cuperus, (Wiardi Beckman Stichting); Catelene Passchier (Netherlands Trade Union Confederation FNV).

Roundtable 2
Lessons from a Lost Election

After its disastrous defeat in 2015, Labour is at grave risk of throwing away the 2020 general election. The party has to understand why it suffered such a devastating defeat on 7 May and learn crucial lessons if it is to recover. The risk for the Labour party, like social democratic parties across Europe, is further electoral defeat and, then inevitably, permanent irrelevance.

Informed by a new Policy Network study and poll Can Labour Win? The Hard Road to Power, this session will aim to reflect on the recent experiences of  UK Labour and the Dutch PvdA and how they can build new electoral coalitions.

Speakers: Patrick Diamond (Policy Network), Hans Anker (Consultant Anker Solutions), Ronald Plasterk (Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations), Mei Li Vos (Dutch Labour MP).

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