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Policy Network AGM

  • Date(s)
    9 September 2015
  • Location
    The Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4BS
Policy Network AGM

Policy Network will hold its first annual general meeting at the Royal Institution on 9 September 2015.

At a critical juncture for British and European progressive politics, the meeting will bring together opinion formers, commentators, politicians, thinktank representatives and academic experts for a series of debates and exchanges.

Andrew Gamble, emeritus professor of politics at Cambridge University and one of the UK's most eminent political economists, will give the opening talk on Progressive Politics in the New Hard Times. He will reflect on the UK’s post-election politics, the future of the Labour party and the prospects for social democracy in Europe.

We will also be joined by André Sapir, a senior fellow at the influential Bruegel thinktank in Brussels and a distinguished economic thinker and commentator on European affairs. This second intervention on Rescuing the European Project will assess the scale of the economic and social challenge facing the EU, offering thoughts on what a progressive agenda for European reform might be and also commenting on the British role (or possible exit) from a continental perspective.

The event will culminate with a session in which Peter Mandelson and Helen Wallace will discuss 'the spectre of Brexit'.


Andrew Gamble, emeritus professor of politics at Cambridge University

André Sapir, senior fellow at Bruegel

Peter Mandelson, president, Policy Network, former secretary of state for business,
innovation and skills and EU trade commissioner

Chair: Helen Wallace, emeritus professor in the European Institute at the LSE

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