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Britain’s cosmopolitan future: challenges and opportunities

  • Date(s)
    14 May 2015
  • Time
    18:00 – 19:15
  • Location
    Policy Network, 11 Tufton Street, Westminster, SW1P 3QB
Britain’s cosmopolitan future: challenges and opportunities

Policy Network will host a public, post-election debate on the mega-trends at play in the British election of 2015. It will be opened by a presentation by Jeremy Cliffe, The Economist's UK politics correspondent, who will present on a new Policy Network paper on 'Britain’s cosmopolitan future'.

Drawing on interviews with psephologists, political theorists and demographers, as well as academic studies and official statistics, Cliffe will describe the demographic, social and economic changes affecting British voters. He will argue that though Ukip’s rise might suggest otherwise, the electorate is becoming more urban, better educated, more ethnically diverse and (through travel, work and immigration) more used to contact with the outside world. Its attitudes are steadily shifting accordingly. Cliffe will conclude that, though doing so presents challenges, it is in the long-term interests of both the Conservatives and Labour to adapt to this change. He will argue that the party that can build a 'cosmopolitan coalition' of support will have the best chance of winning majorities in elections to come.


Jeremy Cliffe, UK politics correspondent, The Economist


David Aaronovitc
h, columnist, The Times
Sarah Sackman
, Labour parliamentary candidate for Finchley & Golders in the 2015 General Election
David Goodhart
, chair of the Demos Advisory Group and  founder and editor-at-large of Prospect magazine
Sunder Katwala
, director of British Future


Anoosh Chakelian, deputy editor, The Staggers, The New Statesman

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