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Progressive politics in fragmented times

  • Date(s)
    6 July 2015, 7 July 2015
  • Location
    University of Oxford
Progressive politics in fragmented times

Partners: Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), Renner Institut


This conference will offer a platform for political and academic reflection on the key structural trends which are shaping politics in Europe and beyond.  The focus will be on understanding major new social, economic and political trends in western industrial democracies and how they impact on governance, party systems, elections and coalition-building, with a specific focus on social democratic and left-of-centre parties.

The event will follow the UK general election of May 2015, where the UK Labour party suffered a considerable defeat. The conference will open with a substantial overview and series of presentations on electoral developments and value shifts in European societies in recent decades before moving on to explore how key structural trends will continue to impact on politics and coalition-building. 

Sessions will focus on how to come terms with social and economic change, with a focus on the need for striking institutional innovation and new ideas, policies and political narratives to meet the challenges of progressive governance in fragmented times.  The Tuesday morning segment will focus on understanding the British election and the future of Labour politics in the context of the preceding analysis.

The seminar will bring together a group of political scientists, politicians, think-tank representatives, civil society representatives and experts from across the UK and Europe.

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