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Universities and regional growth in a global world

  • Date(s)
    12 December 2014
  • Time
  • Location
    Westlakes, Cumbria, UK
Universities and regional growth in a global world

This event, held in conjunction with the Samuel Lindow Foundation and the University of Central Lancashire, will explore the role of universities in a globally competitive environment, especially in relation to regional growth strategies. Specialisation, knowledge and innovation have become key drivers of economic success for cities and regions. This requires effective partnerships between public and private actors, in which universities have been playing an increasingly important part.

With the participation of Andreas Schleicher and Karen Macguire, respectively heads of the the regional innovation and education units at the OECD, the seminar will take stock of existing evidence and best European practices regarding the design of university programmes and the way universities interact with the regional business and policy community. Global trends such as digitalisation and life-long learning will also feature the debates.

In presence of Andrew Adonis, the discussion will also focus on the British debate on further devolution and the role of universities in LEPs. 

View the agenda for the full speaker line-up.

The event will be recorded and streamed on the internet live.

For further information, please contact Emma Kinloch

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