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The Swedish election - and the fight over the Nordic model

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    18 September 2014
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The Swedish election - and the fight over the Nordic model
Policy Network will hold a breakfast briefing on the Swedish election and the future of the Nordic model on Thursday, 18 September. 

The event will offer the opportunity to reflect on the results from the 14 September election and consider what political lessons can be drawn from the respective campaigns and issues that defined the contest.

Nordic model
One of the key battle lines in the election has been on the future of the Nordic model – with the centre-right claiming that reforms and tax cuts have resulted in faster economic growth than the US and most EU countries. Conversely, the centre-left point to high unemployment (8%) and growing divisions in Swedish society, warning that  tax increases are needed for more investment in the public sector to sustain the Nordic formula of highly competitive and socially just societies. There have also been deep fractures over the role of private companies in the public sector, particularly in schools and healthcare.

Katrine Kielos, Columnist for Aftonbladet, Sweden and Scandinavia’s largest daily newspaper
Jan Larsson, election campaign director, Swedish Social Democrats (SAP)
John Peet
, European editor,The Economist

Chair: Patrick Diamond, vice chair and research director, Policy Network

Read Katrine Kielos' regular Policy Network 'State of the Left' columns here.

Swedish election results

Swedish Social Democratic Party - 31.2%
Green Party - 6.8%
Left Party - 5.7%

Moderate Party - 23.2%
Liberal People's Party - 5.4%
Centre Party - 6.1%
Christian Democrats - 4.6%

Swedish Democrats - 12.9%
Feminist Initiative - 3.1%

Source: Sweden's Election Authority

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