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The rise of the service economy

  • Date(s)
    28 May 2014
  • Time
    17:00 - 18:30
The rise of the service economy

The political economy of the service transition

Over the past four decades the wealthiest economies - in Europe, North America, and Australasia - have faced massive structural change. Industrial sectors, which were once considered the economic backbone of these societies, have shrunk, while service sectors have taken over as the primary engines of output and employment expansion.

This economic shift has radical implications for politics and society. Anne Wren recently convened a major international research project that examined how the service transition has reshaped the social and political landscape of the mature capitalist economies. She will lead a roundtable discussion that explores the key questions that emerge from this research:

  • Does the growth of the service sector inevitably mean high levels of inequality?
  • Why have some countries gone so much further than others in increasing the size of the service sector and reducing manufacturing?
  • Does the service economy undermine the electoral coalitions that have traditionally supported left parties or does it open up new opportunities to construct fresh social alliances favourable to social democracy?

Anne Wren
, research associate at the Institute for International Integration Studies, Trinity College Dublin and author of The political economy of the service transition

Stewart Wood
, Shadow Cabinet Minister & adviser to Ed Miliband
James Plunkett
, Director of Research at the Young Foundation
Katrine Kielos
, Columnist for Aftonbladet, Sweden and Scandanavia's largest daily newspaper

Ben Jackson
, Lecturer in modern history, University of Oxford and editor of Renewal

This event is part of the series The rise of distributional conflicts: Coalition-building in the post-crisis environment.





This event is in partnership with Renewal: A Journal of Social Democracy.

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