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Better off in a better Europe?

  • Date(s)
    23 September 2013
  • Time
    17:30 - 19:00
  • Location
    Brighton Holiday Inn, Lancing 1
Better off in a better Europe?

Policy Network at the Labour Party Conference 2013

The debate over Britain’s place in Europe has reached fever pitch in recent months following David Cameron’s commitment to hold a referendum on EU membership by no later than 2017. The promise of renegotiating Britain’s membership terms has been met with scepticism in Europe. Moreover, the prime minister’s tough stance has not earned him many political dividends at home: UKIP is on the march and backbench revolts are continuing to fester.

This fringe event in partnership with British Influence will represent the most high-profile platform at party conference to debate Labour’s stance on European integration and how the party positions itself on Europe in a volatile political environment. Can Labour afford maintaining its wait-and-see attitude on Europe? Constructive engagement or semi-detached partnership: what form of UK-EU relations should Labour embrace? In which policy areas should it promote a change of course?  Should Labour commit to hold a referendum on Europe?

Paul Adamson
, editor-in-chief, E!Sharp
Arlene McCarthy
, Labour member of the European Parliament and vice-chair, Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee
Richard Corbett
, member of the cabinet of Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council
Chris Leslie, Labour member of Parliament and shadow financial secretary to the Treasury
Roger Liddle, Labour Peer, shadow frontbench spokesperson on Europe in House of Lords and chair, Policy Network
Jan Royall, Labour peer and shadow leader of the House of Lords
Peter Wilding, director, British Influence





This event is in partnership with British Influence.

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