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Progressive politics after the crash: Governing from the left

  • Date(s)
    4 September 2013
  • Time
    17:00 - 19:00
  • Location
Progressive politics after the crash: Governing from the left

Policy Network will host a public debate on the future of progressive politics, taking place on Wednesday 4th September.
The event will also serve as the launch of the forthcoming Policy Network/FEPS book: Progressive Politics After the Crash: Governing from the Left edited by Olaf Cramme, Patrick Diamond and Michael McTernan (Policy Network) and with a foreword from David Miliband, former UK foreign secretary and Labour MP.

Those who hoped the collapse of financial markets would usher in the end of neoliberalism and rehabilitate support for traditional social democratic policy programmes have been disappointed. It is not only the irrationality of markets which is the focus of public discontent, but the inefficiency of states and the inability of elected governments to humanise and control global market capitalism.

Despite recent successes, social democratic parties in the EU have become locked in a cycle of electoral under-performance. The crisis remedies of the Right appear more simple and direct in their diagnosis, casting the state as restrictive, wasteful and inefficient. Abstract theoretical debates on the Left about a ‘paradigm shift’ in Western capitalism in the aftermath of the crisis have had little traction.

The panel will will comment on the ideas presented in the Policy Network volume and assess the capacity for meaningful political renewal on the left as the economic challenge deepens and the space for traditional, social-democratic policies for growth and redistribution narrows.

Olaf Cramme
, director, Policy Network

Rafael Behr
, political editor, New Statesman
Jon Cruddas
, Labour member of Parliament and Labour Policy Review co-ordinator
Patrick Diamond
, vice chair, Policy Network and co-editor of Progressive Politics After the Crash: Governing from the Left
Anke Hassel
, professor of public policy, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin

The event will take place on Wednesday 4th September, 17:00 - 19:00 at Central Hall Westminster, Storeys Gate, London, SW1H 9NH.

This event is hosted in partnership with the New Statesman.


The Policy Network/FEPS book is published by I.B Tauris and can be purchased here.

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