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Everyone’s business: Making finance and industry work better for Britain

  • Date(s)
    23 September 2013
  • Time
    08:00 – 09:30
  • Location
    Brighton Holiday Inn, Lancing 1
Everyone’s business: Making finance and industry work better for Britain

Policy Network at the Labour Party Conference 2013

Advanced economies have to reassess how they earn their living and make their way in a post-financial crash world increasingly shaped by emerging economies. The focus of the UK’s reassessment has largely revolved around ‘rebalancing’ the economy away from banking and in favour of industrial policies that would help revive manufacturing and increase innovation. However, to ensure innovation and competitiveness, the UK needs a strong and successful financial sector that is able to encourage and support future industrial growth. To do so, Labour needs a smart financial services policy.

This fringe event will focus on financial services policy, economic rebalancing and industrial activism. What kind of financial policy can best support economic growth? How can Labour ensure that financial activities are better aligned with the national economic interest to serve the real economy? What kind of industrial policy for Britain? What role should the state play in manufacturing and industrial policy?

Andrew Adonis
, Labour peer, shadow infrastructure minister and leader of the 'Adonis Growth Review'
Chris Cummings, chief executive, TheCityUK
Sonia Sodha, former SME adviser to Ed Miliband
Gregg McClymont, Labour MP for Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East & Shadow Pensions Minister

Chair: Roger Liddle, chair of Policy Network and shadow frontbench spokesperson on Business, Innovation and Skills in the House of Lords




This event is hosted in partnership with TheCityUK.

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