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Responding to Populism: Contact Democracy and the Party of the Future

  • Date(s)
    25 September 2013
  • Time
    07:45 – 09:00
  • Location
    Brighton Holiday Inn, Lancing 1
Responding to Populism: Contact Democracy and the Party of the Future

Policy Network at the Labour Party Conference 2013

By “gunning for Labour”, UKIP poses a significant threat to the centre-left’s traditional voter base through stirring divisive and reactionary debates on immigration, welfare and Europe. But this volatile encroachment must also be seen as a corrective which compels Labour to innovate, re-politicise its policy offers and build new movements for change.

This fringe event will offer insights into how mainstream political parties can win back voters who've given up on politics or turned to populist contenders.  It will present ideas on what the political party of the future will look like and explore new campaign techniques and methods of political engagement that might correct the drift between politicians and large sections of their electorate.

Rowenna Davis
, commentator, Labour councillor and PPC, Southampton Itchen
Mike Kane, acting chief executive, Movement for Change
Guillaume Liegey, former national field director, François Hollande 2012 Campaign
Anthony Painter, writer and commentator, author of Democratic Stress, the Populist Signal and Extremist Threat
Lee Sheriff, Labour councillor and PPC, Carlisle

This event is in partnership with with Barrow Cadbury Trust.

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