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Sitting at the 'top table'? The Future of the UK in European Financial Services

  • Date(s)
    12 July 2013
  • Time
    09:00 - 13:30
  • Location
    Europe House, London
Sitting at the 'top table'? The Future of the UK in European Financial Services

Policy Network will host a public debate on the future of the UK in European Financial Services. The event will question the impact of the euro area’s integration on the regulation of financial services in the EU, and the place of the UK in this context. Recent controversies about the banking union, the cap on bonuses and the financial transaction tax initiated by eleven eurozone members have raised doubts about the ability of the City to defend its interests in Brussels in the future. The discussions will provide an in-depth state of play in the field of financial markets regulation at EU level, and debate the choices for Britain outside the eurozone.

Mark Boleat
, chair of the Policy Committee, City of London; Sharon Bowles, Liberal Democrat member of European Parliament; Karel Lannoo, CEO of The Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Brussels; Arlene McCarthy, Labour member of European Parliament; John Peet, Europe editor, The Economist; Roger Liddle, Chair of Policy Network, Labour’s front bench spokesperson on Europe in the House of Lords and former special adviser on European affairs to the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair; Michel Barnier, EU Commissioner, Internal markets and services; Peter Mandelson, former EU Trade Commissioner, former UK first secretary of state and president, Policy Network; Gerry Grimstone, chair of Standard Life and CityUK Steven Maijoor, chair of European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA); Philippe Legrain, principal advisor at the Bureau of European Policy Advisers, European Commission; Laura Kuenssberg, business editor, ITV news

Panel debates:

  • Reforming Europe’s financial market: is Britain still a player?
  • Banking union, FTT, bonus cap: can Britain’s and the Eurozone’s interests be reconciled?

This event is co-organised by the the European Parliament Information Office in the UK and the City of London Corporation.

You can follow this event on Twitter @PolicyNetwork, the hashtag will be #UK40.

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