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Refocusing EU economic governance on long-term challenges

  • Date(s)
    7 May 2013
  • Time
    10:30 - 16:30
  • Location
Refocusing EU economic governance on long-term challenges

Policy Network will be hosting an expert roundtable on EU economic governance taking place on 7 May in Westminster, central London.

The workshop is a follow up to the recent research paper by Renaud Thillaye on the governance of the Europe 2020 Strategy and the European Semester. Discussions will be informal and interactive, and aim at addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing EU governance: significant competitiveness imbalances, the need to adapt productive and social models to a new global environment, deep-seated political hurdles to a reform agenda.

Please note that EU Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs László Andor will be taking part in the morning session.

This workshop is a contribution to the ‘Welfare, Wealth and Work for Europe’ research project supported by the European Commission.

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