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Making EU Enlargement Work: the accession of Romania and Bulgaria

  • Date(s)
    24 January 2007
  • Time
    11:00 a.m.
  • Location
    Central London
This conference, co-hosted by Policy Network and the Fabian Society, will assess the opportunities and challenges of EU enlargement. The event will address whether and how the 2007 enlargement can benefit both the new and existing member states, and how this will impact on the broader strategic and political challenges of making future EU enlargement possible and effective.

Geoff Hoon MP, Minister for Europe, will commence the conference proceedings with a keynote speech addressing the strategic importance of EU enlargement and the political challenges of keeping and rebuilding political and public support for EU enlargement.

This is an invitation-only event with an expert audience of decision-makers and opinion formers from politics, diplomacy, business, civil society and academia. We will ask participants to contribute to two breakout sessions, addressing the questions set out below. Speakers leading these sessions will include Home Office Minister Liam Byrne MP, Gary Titley MEP and Patrick Diamond, LSE and Policy Network, with further speakers and respondents to be confirmed.

Session One: The Economics of Enlargement
• How can enlargement bring economic benefits to both acceding and current member states?
• What are the distributional consequences of enlargement? Where the gains and the costs fall unequally, what policy measures are needed to address losers as well as winners?

Session Two: The Management of Enlargement
• What steps need to be taken to deal with cross-border issues, such as transnational organised crime and people trafficking?
• Can effective pan-European strategies be formed – and does an EU of 27 need institutional or policy reforms to achieve this? Could political pressures to focus on national responses undermine this?
• What is the key to an effective strategy to maintain sufficient public consent for enlargement in both established and new member states? If this cannot be done, could this be the last EU enlargement?

To register your interest in attending this event please contact Jessica Studdert, Events Manager at the Fabian Society, at Jessica.Studdert@Fabian-Society.org.uk


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