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Legislating for Responsible Capitalism: What it Means in Practice

  • Date(s)
    13 February 2013
  • Time
    13.00- 14.15
  • Location
Legislating for Responsible Capitalism: What it Means in Practice
Policy Network will hold a lunchtime debate on “Legislating for Responsible Capitalism”.  It will take place from 13.00- 14.15, Wed 13th February 2013.

Stephen Hockman QC
, senior lawyer specialising in regulatory law

Stewart Wood
, Labour shadow cabinet minister, adviser to Ed Miliband and member of the UK House of Lords

Deborah Hargreaves, founding director of the High Pay Centre

John Plender, senior editorial writer and columnist at The Financial Times

Roger Liddle
, chair of Policy Network and Labour spokesperson on Europe in the House of Lords.

Political consensus has settled on the need for a more responsible capitalism. But what does this mean in practice? Centre-left parties are constructing a strong narrative setting out in moral and human terms the kind of society and economy they value, but the difficult challenge remains setting out a legislative and governing agenda that helps foster better business practices and tackles unfairness while still producing long-term growth.

At this event, Stephen Hockman QC will propose a series of legal amendments which can be made to improve the monitoring, transparency and accountability of business decision-making. Central to his argument is a focus on shifting from “principles” to “rules” in the reform of the ownership and structure of limited companies, corporate governance and stewardship and executive remuneration; as well as a proposal for a more pro-active role for government in public procurement, fiscal policy and criminal justice policy.

The occasion marks the launch of Hockman’s Policy Network paper “Legislating for Responsible Capitalism: What it Means in Practice.”

This event is part of Policy Network's work on Reclaiming the supply-side agenda.

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